Dolls Awards of Excellence won by Bo Bergemann

2018 Industry’s Choice Award

Custom Teen/Adult Doll

Trapeze Artist by Bo Bergemann

Past Awards


2017 Industry’s Choice Awards

Custom Fantasy Doll

Acai Pitaya Butterfly

Custom Baby/Child Doll

Princess Bunny Foo Foo

2016 Industry’s Choice Awards

Children’s Play Doll

Ki’i Nani

Artist Doll, More Than $1,250

Chess Queen Elizabeth

2016 Public’s Choice Awards

Children’s Play Doll

Ki’i Nani

2015 Industry’s Choice Awards

Collectible Baby/Child Doll

Trendy & Swag

Artist Baby/Child Doll

Alex Loves Trucks! 

2014 Industry’s Choice Awards

Artist Ball-Jointed Doll


Artist Fantasy-Themed Doll

Kit Cat

Artist Doll, Less than $1,250

Peacock Blossom

Artist Doll, More than $1,250

Tarien Lace

2014 Public’s Choice Awards

Artist Fantasy-Themed Doll

Kit Cat

2013 Industry’s Choice Awards

Artist Doll - More than $1,250

“For the Love of Dolls!” 

2012 DOTY (Doll of the Year) Industry’s Choice & Public’s Choice Awards

Artist Miniature Doll

“Addie in Pink”

2011 Won 5 DOTY Awards and my first Magazine Cover!  

Bo Bergemann went into business as a professional doll maker in October of 2010 and yet this is not an exhaustive list of the awards she has won to date. Not even close!  It merely gives you some idea of why Bo is considered one of the world's premier award winning original fine art doll artists.  This, along with many magazine covers and articles, being a ComicCon San Diego panelist for several years, hosting her own Modern Doll Collectors Convention event for several years and so much more showcases the impact Bo and her work have had on the three dimensional creative art scene for the past 9+ years since she launched her professional career.  Bo began all this as a beloved hobby some 30 years prior never dreaming someday she would go pro and share her passion with the world as she does today.  Yet, she never stops creating and growing, experimenting and exploring.  

“I honestly find contests to be so much more work to enter anymore with all the forms to figure out that I just don’t bother as often as when I was new to all this. Especially when I’m too busy. I think every doll is a winner is someone’s eyes which becomes obvious when they purchase it! Often by the time a doll wins an award it is sold long ago but then I get all kind of inquiries from people wanting to purchase. My life is so full and blessed and I am so very grateful!” - Bo Bergemann